Monday, March 23, 2015


What is "Missing Button"?
“Missing Button” refers to my childhood teddy bear, Corduory, who wore green overalls and lost a button, hence the name “missing button”.

Where are you located?
I am located in New York City, NY.

 Why do I need my book edited?
Having your book professionally edited is for your benefit; it allows for your work and your ideas to come across as clean as possible, which makes your book more appealing to your readers.

Why do I need my book typeset?
Typesetting formats your book into chapters and presents a clean reading experience for your readers. Typesetting includes a Title page, a Copyrights page, and a Table of Contents page.

 What can I expect from your service?
The goal as en editor is to bring out the very best in your story. You can expect to have a gem on your hands that others will enjoy reading!

 What fees can I expect to pay?
The fees you can expect to pay depend on the number of words in your manuscript.

 When can I expect my project to be completed?
Your project can take up to two or three months to be completed.

Where can I publish my book?
You can self-publish your book on Amazon, you can publish your book through Missing Button Publications, or you can publish your book with another independent publisher or one of the big six publishers.

 What is the refund policy?
Payments are nonrefundable. Please be sure you are absolutely positive that you want your work edited by Missing Button Publications, and that you are willing to actively engage in the editing or typesetting process.

 What if I don't like the edits provided?
The editing process is a very collaborative project between Missing Button Publications and the authors. We highly encourage our authors to communicate any questions or concerns they have regarding their writing.

 How can I improve my writing?
Missing Button Publications will provide a list of skills to work on after viewing your work. We edit with the goal of improving your writing style, which will only benefit you as a writer and an author in the long run.

 How can I learn more about Missing Button Publications?
Check out our “About” page!

 How can I make a referral?
You can make a referral by shooting us an email and letting us know who you referred. Make sure to list the subject as “Potential Referral”!

 What benefits do I get for making a referral?
You receive 5% off your next project for your first referral. Any referral after your first referral, you will receive 10% off your next project.

 Is Missing Button Publications involved with social media?
You can find Missing Button Publications on twitter here: Missing Button Publications' Twitter page!

 After submitting an editing or typesetting request, when can I hear back from you?
You can expect to hear back from us within 24-48 hours.

 How often do you communicate with your authors?
We communicate with our authors bi-weekly, and on an as needed basis. Throughout the editing or typesetting process, questions tend to pop up left and right, so we try to tackle this head on!

 How can I write a recommendation?
If you would like to write a recommendation, you can send your recommendation via email. List the subject as “Recommendation”. Thanks so much!