Tuesday, January 05, 2016


    Editing Package 

The rate for editing services is two (2) cents** per word.**     

This is the preferred way that I bill for editing a manuscript, as page numbers vary depending on the font used and the font size that the author uses to style their manuscript, as well as line spacing preferences. 

In addition, the word count and page number will change after the editing has been completed, so that number will not be as accurate, either.

Typsetting is part of the Editing Package.

Typsetting Package

 Formatting a book for publication also depends on the word count and will be billed at a rate of two (2) cents per word**. Typesetting is billed in this manner due to the fact that word count dictates the number of pages and how the book should be broken down in regards to chapters, and so forth. 

The word count will be based on the number of words recorded prior to the editing and/or typesetting is done. This fee will also account for the work that has to be done to properly format the manuscript into a book ready for the marketplace.

**There is a $300.00 base fee per project.